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Whistler 2019

Danny1920Danny1920 Posts: 51
edited January 2019 in Holidays
Well after having watched shed loads of video's from whistler & the bike park,mainly BCPOV & Nate Hills
I've decided the time has come to finally get my censored out there & live the dream.At first the plan was to go to Moab & then on to Whistler but flying into 1 city & departing from another was getting outta hand price wise.Think it would be wiser to do them as 2 seperate trips.Anyway looking at flights to Vancouver in July you're gonna shell out about £750 & thats a direct 9 hour flight.Then accommodation is around £60 p/n in a nice 2 bed village central apt.So when u include lift passes,food etc I would say £2000-3000,depending on how u role.So far I've been trying to convince my mates ball & chain to let him go but unfortunately she is having none of it.So if anyone would like to take his place then your more than welcome(must know how to chill & drink beer)Other than that if any of you fellas/ladies have any tips regarding places to eat/drink,lift passes,how many days b4 you need a day off the bike to recover etc etc it would be very very much appreciated.Thanks


  • eric_draveneric_draven Posts: 1,173
    I went in 2011 and loved the spot,yes internal flights were a pain as I went to Lacuna Seca near San Francisco to see the Moto GP,but the flight from San Francisco to Vancouver was very expensive,I stayed with Ticket2ride BC,but i think they have shutdown now,shame as they were good as they did excursions to other areas Pemberton,Squarmish and down to the Northshore at Vancouver,have you checked these guys,might make your stay easier,by all means go you will love it,so many trails and they are looked after pretty well
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