Tired of losing bottles on super-stiff time trial bike

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Hi there!
The title says it all.
I have a Time Machine TM01 with a Fizik Saddle and that double bottle cage thing behind the saddle.
I ride pretty intensely and in L.A. roads are not always super smooth. I also ride with music.
So I lost countless bottles with many different bottle cages and I'm determined to find a radical solution because it's really annoying.
Do you have a similar bike and riding style and have found a bottle cage that truly holds bottles?


  • Have you tried the Gorilla brand of cages?

    Saddle mounts are notorious for ejecting bottles no matter what the brand. You can try sticking some skate grip tape to the insides of the cages, or even strips of old inner tube. That can resolve the issue although it's a bit of a band-aid solution.
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    I think it more the cages your using not holding your bottles tight enough, rather than how stiff your frame is. You'll be using narrow tyre probably at very high pressure. That's the reason.

    Ride with music? Surely the music of tyres on the road to the rythum of your breathing is all you need.
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  • I'd be surprised if you could bounce bottles out of these..
  • Thanks guys.
    So maybe the Lezyne Flow and I put a thin layer of Silicone Glue inside with a caulk gun?
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    Dots of silicon all over the bottle will work perfect : the clear stuff for bathrooms.

    Strips will peel off with repeated removal of the bottle
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  • Lezyne Flow+Camelbak Podium. If that pops out, then it's definitely not due to the bottle/cage.
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    Lezyne Flow+Camelbak Podium. If that pops out, then it's definitely not due to the bottle/cage.

    That's the combination I've accidentally ended up with. They have a grip like a Yorkshireman on his wallet...

    At first there was a real danger of coming off the bike till I developed the right technique for removing / inserting the things on the move. I actually look forward to a wet ride because the bottles are marginally easier to remove.