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New cycling shoes

baroidbaroid Posts: 63
edited November 2018 in Road buying advice

I am looking at buy some new shoes.

I am looking at Shimano RC7 or RP9 any comments about these.

I want the shoes for racing, mainly circuits, and training rides/sportives up to 100 miles.

Other suggestions welcomed.

Cheers Baroid


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    You really need to try the shoes on for comfort. That's number one. Nobody can tell you this.

    It's worth paying a bit more to get a comfortable shoe.
  • pauly69pauly69 Posts: 101
    ...what he said. I went through four 'cheaper' pairs buying new then selling for an obvious loss as slightly used before I gave in and just spent the £££'s on the preferred s-works shoes I should have bought in the first place.

    Try them on, do not buy shoes blind, especially if you have experience of some which you already like - others just won't feel the same.

    Having said that, i do have a pair of RC7's which are also ok - bought after seeing many glowing reviews but 'for me' they're just that - OK - and I'll keep 'em as a 2nd pair.
  • riekorieko Posts: 121
    I own the RC7's. I have wide feet, so I went for this shoe as they come in wide and they looked quite nice. They are a comfy shoe (for me at least), fairly light with a stiff sole. I bought them at full price a couple of years ago now probably, and they are still going strong.

    One thing against them is that the shiny 'plasticy' finish scuffs up really easily.
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  • zefszefs Posts: 484
    I also have the RC7's, they are good shoes. Make sure you get the right size and narrow vs wide version as others mentioned. They have added another BOA to the newer RC7 model (RC701) so might be worth looking at those, too.
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