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Bike parking near Kings Cross/St Pancras stations

greenamex2greenamex2 Posts: 272
edited November 2018 in Commuting general
Hi all

Anybody got any recent experience of bike parking near Kings Cross / St Pancras stations?

Might be moving jobs soon and upping my commute from 26 miles three times a week to 50 miles three to five times a week.

Would happily pay for some secure parking!

Thanks in advance.


  • Parked my bike overnight at Kings Cross for years without issue, but the racks are on the platforms and you need a ticket to access them.......but sounds like you wont have a ticket.
  • There's a load of racks outside Euston station, only issue is that they can be busy. They are building some more by the bus station and conveniently by the Euston Tap...
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