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Carrera Podium 1991/94. Columbus Genius. Can you add to my info?

bicyclzbicyclz Posts: 3
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Here's my Carrera Podium road bike for your perusal: )

A proper Italian Exotic IMO.
(Little apprteciated/known in UK because of Halfords ownership of the brand name here)

This is my attempt to rectify that deficiency, & at the same time ask for more info!
Any more similar Carrera Podiums here in UK? I would love to hear about it: )

Has Columbus Genius tubing, (introduced in 1991) with high quality paint & chromed rear triangle & fork blades.
Which against the black paint looks simple, cool & unfussy to me.... Laid-back even?
I'm having difficulties with this bikeradar set-up uploading/editing my data so I just show some more detailed pics here:
If the pics don't show I can't see them in preview.....
Not my fault: |)


  • I don't bother anymore with this sites antiquated systems.
    User Freindly might be a good goal for this site.....
    No pics = no sensible info in the posts.
    I quit now. (After waiting for ages for my original 'sign-up' to be sorted.

    Got better things to do than navigate your old fashioned, clunky forums.
    Check for the proper way to do it: )
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    The pics would probably have worked if you put in a valid URL...
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