Canyon ULTIMATE CF SLX DISC 9.0 DI2 or Specialized Tarmac Pro Disc?

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Opening this up for thoughts.
I am torn between Canyon ULTIMATE CF SLX DISC 9.0 DI2 or Specialized Tarmac Pro Disc (both 2019 models).
Both come in around the same price but specs clearly different . The Canyon has Dura Ace DI2 verses Ultegra DI2 on the Tarmac. I am familiar with the difference there, but anybody any thoughts on the differences on the frames, and wheelsets. My big concern with the Canyon is that the frame platform is probably due an upgrade and am I buying in at the end of the lifecyle?

What would you go for?


  • kingrollo
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    Personally, for that kind of cash and if you don't have a clear "winner" then the fact the Spesh is likely to be shipped from the UK - and make any post purchase niggles significantly easier to resolve.
    Be a right PITA shipping a wonky wheel back to Germany......should the worse happen.
  • vortice
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    I wouldn’t worry too much about Canyon possibly upgrading their frame soon unless you feel you have to have the latest model. I upgraded the previous model to the latest and actually preferred the previous one.

    You can’t go wrong with either - both brilliant bikes. You do get more for your money with the Canyon but I think the new Tarmac looks fab.