Travelling with a Canyon - headset question.

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Hi there,

Question for those who have travelled with a Canyon bike that has the Acros I lock clamp. Is it necessary to loosen off the I-lock clamp in order to remove the stem for travel. That would apply to changing stems as well.

Seems a faff to have to loosen to remove and then re-tighten after replacing the stem.


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    Why remove the stem?
    I've taken my Ultimate CF to France(3 times) and Mallorca(twice) and never removed the stem!Bars yes,stem no 8)
    There were four of us with Utimates in Mallorca last year and no one removed their stem :?:
    I've even put mine in a bike bag in the roof box on the car without removing the stem.
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    I do on mine as it makes packing into my case a bit easier. The acros headset preloads against the stem so I would say yes it needs to be loosened, or certainly readjusted when putting the bike back together. I find it a very easy system to set up though so it's no biggy. You could also just remove the bars as mentioned above.
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    or leave it tight in the garage and savea load of hassle by hiring a real bike when you get there
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    Yes, you do have to adjust the headset each time, but it's easy to do and you're already going to be aligning and tightening the stem anyway, so the additional work is minimal. Just don't forget the tiny included tool or a little torx bit (can't recall the size).

    I found with mine, I always had to loosen the screw then turn the headset by hand to get it to the smallest possible position. Just loosening the screw didn't cause it to rotate/collapse back to the starting position.
  • Thanks for the replies.

    AKH, yes that's what I have to do too when adjusting the headset. I believe Canyon have told other owners that there is no need to loosen of the headset but the force used to pull the stem off would have an effect on the pre load.

    The small torx tool that comes supplied doesn't stand up to lots of use IMO. I use a harder wearing torx screwdriver that won't eat the head of the Torx screw.

    Thanks again.
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    or leave it tight in the garage and savea load of hassle by hiring a real bike when you get there
    My mate did this on our 2nd trip to Mallorca....unfortunately she ended up with a very cheap low-spec Pinarello that weighed about 25lbs :roll: It cost her €160 for the week :roll:
    All the "good" bikes were €45-95 per day :shock: