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Gah - A Tyre Thread ( Specialised Diverge, Rural Roads)

wolfsbane2kwolfsbane2k Posts: 3,038
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I've just picked up a 2019 Specialised Diverge, which has 35c clearance ( with mudguards fitted) primarily for riding to and from work on rural hampshire roads.... so potholed, full of gravel, and sometimes submerged in water. as much as the bike is a gravel bike, it's not going to be ridden on gravel single track for a while.

It comes with Specialized Espoir Sport Reflect tyres in 30mm, and to be frank, the lack of grip on them scared the hell out of me tonight on the road going through a small wet/gravelly patch , so i'm looking for alternatives, preferably in the Black Friday deals...

I've had a scan through this: ... ere-riding
and think the G-One in 35c or potentailly a Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite II, as the LBS has some in stock.

I don't want to go as deadfeel as Marathon Plus's, and i currently ride with Durano Plus's in 25c on the road bike

I'm also very heavy (125kg) so typically need pressures to be quite high to stop pinch punctures...

Any recommendations highly appreciated.
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