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New wheelset help

doogandoogan Posts: 30
edited November 2018 in Road buying advice
I have a 2017 Boardman Team Carbon bike and I am considering upgrading the wheelset.

It currently has Mavic CXP-Elite wheels with Continental Grand Prix 4000 ii tyres.

I'm aiming to spend < £400 if possible. Would this upgrade make a significant difference to the ride?

I can see the following deals but looking for suggestions as I am clueless:

CERO AR30 EVO WHEELSET - £299 ... elset-8772


HUNT 4 SEASON AERO WHEELSET £319 ... eep-22wide


  • In short yes you will notice a big difference compared to the stock wheels.

    Depends on what you use the bike for and how heavy you are. The hunts get excellent reviews and are relatively light and for the money can't go far wrong.

    Worth having a look at these as well for around the same price as the hunts. Very stiff rims and robust hubs. ... lset-black
  • doogandoogan Posts: 30
    Thanks. I'm around 80kg and it's just for weekend jaunts. Nothing too extreme.

    Is there an easy way of establishing compatibility with my bike?

    I'd prefer to stick to clinchers at the moment.
  • You could probably get some hand-built's done for less than £400 that would last you longer and can be repaired/parts replaced when needed.

    You could pm thecycleclinic on here (Malcolm) or have a look at his website. Have a look at the sticky thread too.
  • doogandoogan Posts: 30
    Thanks. The borg22 might fit the bill.
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