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Fulcrum spokes

londoncommuterlondoncommuter Posts: 1,550
edited November 2018 in Road buying advice
Where's the best place to get a replacement spoke for a Fulcrum wheel in a hurry? It's the left hand side front for a Racing Sport DB CX.

It's listed as an RT-017 on here: ... 76943.html

How dodgy to ride it for a couple of days with the spoke missing......

Many thanks.


  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    The more you ride it, the more damage you cause to the other spokes, and the more likely they too will pop, in due course.

    I'd imagine they could be replaced with generic straight pull spokes but they are not particularly easy to find either - might be easier than the official replacements though.
  • Is there a site anywhere for finding out what length I'd need? I've only got half a spoke in my wheel so can't measure it!

    Sorry for the basic questions.....
  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    You'll want to measure one of the other spokes (on the same side of the wheel)- measure from the bottom of the nipple to the spoke end by the hub, then add 12mm - it won't give you an exact match but should be close enough for you to use.

    Otherwise the correct way to measure is to remove the spoke, measure from the threaded end to just above the lump at the hub end.
  • If you can measure the distance between where the spoke flares into the head and where it disappears into the nipple and add 10 mm, that should be the length you need.

    Just Riding Along typically stock straight spokes
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