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Specialized DA 9100 or Canyon ultegra di2

CollywobblesCollywobbles Posts: 9
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Hi all. Im after some advice on a new bike. I can get both of the above for a similar price but can't decide on the groupset.
I have the old DA 7800 and have loved it but fancied di2 after hearing the good reports. Canyon seem to get poor reviews for service if you have a problem.
Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • w00dsterw00dster Posts: 880
    Had this dilemma myself recently. I had Dura Ace 9000 and Ultegra 6800 on my bikes. I had ridden Ultegra Di2 previously and thought it was really good. Anyway, when buying a new bike I could have gone for a 2018 model Specialized with mechanical DA or a Canyon with Ultegra Di2. I went with the Canyon.
    Pretty sure that the Specialized with mechanical DA would have been awesome, but very happy with my Canyon - was also considerably cheaper than the Spec as I got it in the sale in August.
    Service wise, I guess I was lucky. Bike was in stock and with me in about 10 days. No need to chase them, all good comms.
    Before trying Di2 I used to think it can't be much better than mechanical dura ace, its such a small thing, but Di2 works really well. I can't see myself ever getting a bike without it again - which is weird as it really is only a small improvement.
  • Thanks for the reply and advice. I agree both will be great. There is a 3 month wait on the canyon but the spec is in stock now. I will have to rely on science I think. Rock, paper, scissors! Cheers
  • I love my ultegra di2 but a friend has 9100 on a new cannondale and absolutely loves it having gone from 9000.

    You can't really go wrong with each. Which bike gets your pulse racing? The SL6 is the right colourway is awesome. I think Canyons look dull.
  • Focus more on the frame quality IMHO
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • w00dsterw00dster Posts: 880
    Collywobbles, is it the S-Works or the normal Specialized frame? Not sure what Specialized bike comes with Dura Ace? Also do you have a bike now that you would be riding over the winter? My Canyon is my "best bike" and has been put away - a three month wait over winter would be fine for me.
    I would agree with Shirley as well, even as an owner of the Aeroad, it does look dull in comparison to other bikes in similar price bracket. But it does ride very well. My personal choice was I wanted a well priced aero bike, good groupset and good wheels that rode well. I paid £3200 for the Aeroad FC SLX 8.0 Di2 - nothing came close to that price point. Similar bikes from the likes of Spec, Trek, Cannondale were all closer to £6k.
  • Hi. Its the venge vias pro disc. If I trade in an old bike which is worth nothing much I can get a discount which brings it to within range of the aeroad 2019 cfx 8.0 di2.Although a few hundred pounds more. I do have a winter bike so this won't be ridden until next year. On the isle of man so winter's can be grim.
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