iPhone battery issues

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I have a 6s that is about 18 months old, it was running along on iOS 11 since the start quite happily, could easily get a whole days use from it. I avoided updating the OS as I'd heard all the rumours about apple deliberately doing stuff to make the batteries worse in older models etc, whether that was true or not is beside the point, I held off on the updates.

A couple of days ago I got a new iPad that is running iOS 12 and I thought it should be okay by now, update to iOS 12 on the phone and it now only lasts half a day before its completely dead, even with minimal usage. Today I took it off charge at 7am, listened to a 1.5 hour podcast and made a 5 minute call and a couple of WhatsApp's, its now dead.

Googling hasn't helped, some reports say just wait for things to improve (when has that ever worked with technology), some say it is the way I'm using it which isn't true, I've done all the battery saving tips but nothing is working.

Anyone else the same? I resent paying for a new battery as it was fine before the update. I knew I shouldn't have updated.


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    I've got the 6 and wifey has the 7 - both batteries last a day with "normal" use - although wife's phone does get a fair bit of abuse so sometimes charges during the day.

    In Settings/Battery you do get to see "Battery Health" and what's been using it - perhaps worth a check there?
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    I had a few similar issues, lasted 3/4 hrs with minimal use, then just stated working normally again lasting 2+ days, a few months later I took up the offer of the new apple battery for £25 (I think it was) all seems fine
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    Have you considered it may have been hijacked to mine Bitcoin?
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    I think the 6 qualifies for the discounted battery replacement.
    I’d be doing that if possible.
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    Get the 25 quid replacement done at the apple store sharpish! My wife’s 6 would only last half a day, now she’s still on 30-40% by the end.
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    Same problem with my 6 - got the battery upgrade at Apple store and all was good again - although I couldn't help but feel fleeced having to pay for an "upgrade" due to their inbuilt obsolescence
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    I don't own a phone so no issues here :wink:
  • I think I'll get the battery done then. Thanks.