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Canyon CF SL , new or old? Mavic vs DT Swiss

mnadigmnadig Posts: 2
edited November 2018 in Road buying advice
Considering the Canyon CF SL 7.0 and their 2019 was just released. I can still get the '18 for $200 less. Biggest difference I can see in the spec over last year is the wheels. 2018 DT Swiss 2018 23 and 2019 Mavic Aksium. From what I've read, I'm leaning towards DT Swiss. I am planning on running tubeless. I appreciate any insight.

New ... l-disc-7-0
Mavic Aksium Elite ... #1028=3283

Old ... l-disc-7-0
DT Swiss 1800 23 ... spline-23/


  • terixterix Posts: 2
    The Mavic wheels on the 2019 model are tubeless compatible too, with Mavic proprietary UST specification. Also, you get the new 105 group set, which apparently has improved (ergonomically speaking) and less bulky hoods. I am with you that there is a dilemma going on here, as I would also prefer DT Swiss wheels over Mavic ones. But I think that a wheel upgrade is easier than a group upgrade and can give you more versatility to your bike (ie having a pair of wheels of pure road cycling and another one with 32 mm tyres for more adventurous rides). My 2 cents. PS i am happy owner of a 2018 Canyon Endurace CF SL 8 (Ultegra based)
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