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Great British Cycling Festival Sportive - Insecure website

whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,456
edited November 2018 in Road general
Hi all,
Cross post from the sportives area to give greater visibility...

A lot of you may have received an email from British Cycling this morning offering early entry and a discount for the Great British Cycling Festival sportive. This is a warning not to enter via the link they provide. The website uses the insecure http protocol, meaning it is not safe to enter personal information into - If the connection is intercepted, your personal data would be in plain text for anyone to see. This would be name and address information at least, and possibly credit card information (I didn't get far enough through to see if they are using an external card processing service)

I have emailed BC and the organiser about this, but wanted to publicise this warning as well.


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