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SKF MTRX09 Solid Oil bearings, are they for road bike wheels

sextoke1sextoke1 Posts: 133
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These bearings look like they are for mountain bikes only. Does anyone use them on road bikes (wheels and bottom bracket) ?


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    The bearing has no idea what type of bike it is fitted to....
  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,074 ... index.html

    trade off appears to be no need to lube at the cost of higher friction, though unless you're doing tt it'll make no practical difference
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  • sextoke1sextoke1 Posts: 133
    Imposter wrote:
    The bearing has no idea what type of bike it is fitted to....
    When on a mountain bike, the bearings generally will be exposed to more dirt and water. More often those bike tend to get washed down more, and with higher pressure. So in that the bearings that would be fitted to mountain bikes may have bearings with better seals or covers.
  • t0ttet0tte Posts: 5
    I ordered six for my Zipp 303S wheelset yesterday. The freehub body bearings have given up thrice (counting twice on my 303 Firecrest which share the same 176/177 body) and the rear wheel bearing twice during wet, unsupported ultracycling racing. Aiming for 4.000 km racing and need to be able to ride the whole distance.
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