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Giving up cycling?



  • I wouldn't say cycling saved me, but I did go through a very dark time when turning 40 (triggered by the death of a very good friend from pancreatic cancer I thought - swift and very brutal) with the usual career worries, young kids and lost the ability to play team sports to a high level (cricketer - it's worryingly common). But I did need a fix at the time and cycling came about at just the right time. It did become a bit of an obsession for a while, but I'd say take it or leave it; there's always a parkrun, or a walk in the country / urban streets too.

    I definitely chime with Navrig above. My wife was used to me being out every saturday for 20 years playing either football or cricket, and still prefers it if I get out and do something as it prevents the grumpy voodooman hanging around the house all day.
  • ProssPross Posts: 29,010
    I gave up for around 12 years due to having a young family, lack of time and other hobbies that I preferred to do when I did have spare time.

    Slightly different but I gave up racing completely when, after a rider was killed in a race I was involved in, many of those who were present and witnessed it continued taking risks with traffic in another race a did a few weeks later. I decided it wasn't worth risking being in a bunch with people who didn't care about their own safety let alone that of others.

    These days I rarely cycle as I either work from home of have to commute a 60 mile round trip and sport / hobby wise I have started running instead as it takes less time and is cheaper. I doubt I'll give up completely but it has become a rarity.
  • I think giving it up is a big drastic however it is important to take need breaks! or when a pressing matter is at hand or marriage needs help or kids need assistance always obviously family before cycling.But giving up completely, unless I get severely injured I would never!
  • I think getting older has a lot to do with it. I no longer have the same toughness or bravado or bravado to cycle outside in deep winter, pitch black and shite weather.
    I also feel much more tired on an evening after work.
    Now I've got a decent turbo trainer I struggle to get the motivation to outdoors this time of the year.
    Once you get out of the routine it's hard to get going again.
    Ironically I feel I can get a better workout programme on the turbo trainer than I can by cycling around outside. I also find I can go for a 30 minute run and achieve the same intensity as cycling for a few hours, running seems a more condensed workout ?
    What has hardly been mentioned on this thread is that disgusting Daily Heil website that spreads bigoted hatred and cyclists seem to be one of their targets. In certain places I don't feel safe or comfortable as a cyclist because of the narrowminded attitude of some motorists. They don't see you or me as a vulnerable human that can be killed or injured in a traffic incident (it's never an accident) but the Daily Heil seems to promote dangerous driving or aggression against us.

    I look forward to the nice long summer nights in the countryside again
    "The Prince of Wales is now the King of France" - Calton Kirby
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    Keeps the weight off - as one of my other hobbies is mod\60's\northern soul dancing you need to look slim.

    By not cycling you just shift the danger to somewhere else. A couple of years back they discovered minor arthritis in my hip - I asked if the cycling would make it worse - speed up the wear and tear ?- I was told that was a possibility - but stopping cycling would probably lead to weight increase which would be worse.

    Cycling has kept me going through bouts of severe depression - sometimes climbing on the bike I was such a wreck I wondered how I would control the thing - but always did and always come back feeling better.

    I am 55 now, and I am starting to hear of friends passing away - one guy aged 51 - just didn't wake up one day - another work colleague 45 has thyroid cancer - so its not just cycling that can kill you - any day I could wake up finding something horrible - this year I had a suspected detached retina, (and got to realise just how easy you can go blind) - Also diagnosed with a leaky heart valve - but thats made me more determined to do stuff I enjoy - I expect to live into my 70's - cycling or not cycling - I might not
  • Roll the dice on danger. Be as safe as you can, but accept that no matter what you do there is an element of risk.

    If you have other ways of keeping active then loosing the bike isn't a big deal.
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