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USB Power bank for light

krelkrel Posts: 25
edited November 2018 in MTB general
Ive just bought a moon meteor storm pro and was wondering if a good quality USB power bank could be used to extend the battery life when out on a ride ?


  • figbatfigbat Posts: 680
    Theoretically I don't see why not, although you will probably render the light vulnerable to the weather whilst the cable is plugged in, plus the connector is undoubtedly not designed to withstand vibration. You may also want to check that the light even switches on whilst being charged.
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  • Apparently that light can have a hi/low beam switch that plugs into the charging port(??) so should be fairly weatherproof.

    So - Theoretically I guess you can but as figbat says, make sure it can be turned on when `charging`.

    I would just say buy a different light with external battery pack but that's probably not an option. You could also swap out the 18650 batteries that is uses but apparently they are specific to that light and not standard connnectors.
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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    How long are your night rides ? I'll do three hours but that's about my limit.

    I take two lights. I keep one in reserve Just in case.
  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 6,937
    It will also depend on the power bank.

    The Evans page says the light has 2x 3200mAh batteries, and will run for 2 hours on full power which suggests the power bank needs to supply a fair whack of current. The cheapy Poundland power banks only manage around 1A before they shut down, but there are more expensive ones which can do 2A (and possibly more).

    Like figbat says, check you can use the light while it's charging.
  • krelkrel Posts: 25
    Ive just got in from a ride tonight and i think i wont have any worries about battery life, ive done about 3 hours and even on the lower power settings the light throws out plenty of light and had no trouble on the trails through the woods. Overall really pleased with the light, on offer for £72 from tredz and i had a tenner voucher so even better !
  • Good to hear.
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