Slimy roads on Tuesday?

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I rode to work today, taking my usual route on the road I know well. This is towards Cambridge, a comfy 15miles on mixed roads.
When I set off the roads were still a bit wet but not icy: it was around 10 degrees and I was pushing on with an autumn jersey and a pair of summer shorts.
Once on the road I had a fair bit of wind but what really freaked me out was the drifting rear end of the bike. I'm commuting for years now but it's the first time I felt that I can fall any direction at any point but could not tell what was going on.
Admittedly I had a worn vittoria pave at the back but I never had any problems with these before, they were my most reliable and stable tires I ever used.
I have a deep 50mm front wheel which was blown around a little bit but remained on the road, under control. The rear wheel is just a generic 30mm superstar, again I never had any problems with it before.
It really felt like that the rear drifting sideway :no slipping at pedalling but very skiddy at braking.
I'm now not looking forward for tomorrow ride :?
Was it just me or anyone else had similar experience?
Swapped tires now so I can see how it goes tomorrow.


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    Tyres inflated properly ? It's too cold for shorts anyway and longs will help you if you do come off.
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    very worn 4seasons on the front - last week I had 2 slips on the front on the exit of a tight bend ... needless to say - every commute since, I've riding that corner very gingerly. It was slightly better today (or I had the guts to not brake quite so hard ;) )
    This weather is 3qtrs weather for me - cover them knees - bit surprised we're still in what is effectively summer kit - with arm warmers ...
  • Yes it has been slimy. I did a very embarrassing pirouette at the lights on the north of Waterloo bridge on Monday eve - I was in a semi-track stand watching the pedestrian crossing countdown (rolling very slowly towards the line). When the lights turned green I was heading right so did a pedal stroke whilst turning straight again and the rear just skidded out. Got my left foot down and ended up spinning on that and facing backwards, much to the apparent disgust of the van driver next to me who called me a rude name.
  • It was heavily raining on Monday which I would have expect to wash the road down from oil and other debris.
    Maybe it's oil sweeping through the road surface but again, it's nothing really obvious when you ride.
    Was better today, warmer and more stable: hope it stays like this for a bit longer.
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    hegyestomi wrote:
    hope it stays like this for a bit longer.

    ice forecast our way for next week, so probably not...does mean I can get the spikes out though :D
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    Had this last week, except it was a cycle path on a timber boardwalk (in the city centre). My knee's still impressively black from falling off at about 5 mph.

    Council know about it but won't do anything about it.
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    Went out last night for the first time in 10 days (buggered up my wrist working on a car) Found the roads increasingly wet and greasy as the dew formed, and I was taking corners / roundabouts very gingerly. Still bizarrely warm for November; usually by this time of year I'm sliding about because it's icy. Next week possibly.