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Hi all,
I'm doing the Mallorca 312 in April and want to see if I can download and ride some of the route beforehand. I have an Elite NovoSmart trainer (same as the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+).
Has anybody any experience of using the Elite software, and whether it's glitchy, or crashes frequently? I know the Tacx software allows users to ride 'real' rides, and uses Google maps to replicate climb gradient etc. I'm not expecting the Elite version to be as good, but wondered if it's even worth bothering with. If not, does the BR collective know of an alternative that can be used to download actual rides that'd work with my trainer.
I use Zwift, and I'm really enjoying it, but sometimes it'd be good to mix it up a bit.
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  • SJH76SJH76 Posts: 191
    I got it for free lifetime use (mobile version only) with my Turbo but never used it as it's a faff to set up right. If you don't already pay for it, id probably look at using FulGaZ as a Zwift alternative if you just want another experience. Myetraining isn't worth the extra coin imo. I'd still have to pay to use it on my laptop as well and not just the mobile version which is a bit of a con.
  • I've found you can plot map courses into the app and ride them, but the replication is quite basic, you won't get many gradient changes and it will roughly keep a steady average gradient.
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    Might be worth looking at the bkool simulator software (not just for bkool trainers). They have lots of 'real' routes around the world. They can vary in quality but worth a look. They use GPS maps to simulate gradient resistance (you can upload your own) and generate a virtual world to go with it. These can look a bit ropey compared to Zwift - especially if the GPS is a little off. But some have accompanying video which is much better.

    You should be able to get a trail period to see if it's of any use to you: ... 1542042673
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