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Sram Red etap 12 speed

markyonemarkyone Posts: 1,113
edited November 2018 in Road general
Looks like sram have have gone 12 speed for road.
2.00 to 3.24
Colnago c60 Eps super record 11
Pinarello F8 with sram etap


  • akhakh Posts: 206
    I guess it's one better than 11 and so was inevitable.

    I hope this doesn't just mean a 10 tooth cog gets added to everything though, it's bad enough that everything starts at 11 now. I can see why very strong cyclists might want it, but I'd rather see the extra cog create smaller gaps or give lower gears. It would be nice to have a choice at least. With gravel/allroad being all the rage and neither SRAM or Shimano making sub-compact chainrings, it's odd that cassettes all seem to be focused on not sacrificing anything at the high end.
  • I for one would be happy with a move to 10 tooth cogs as it should mean that sub compact chainsets such as 46-30 and 48-32 would become the new norm. Hence a 10-32 cassette would give you all the gears you'd ever need to go fast or climb mountains.
  • akhakh Posts: 206
    I'm all for sub-compacts becoming mainstream, but it doesn't have to be a zero sum game, both could be offered. Unless there's a technical reasons why the extra cog needs to go outboard, I'd still rather it was in the middle or at the low end of the cassette.

    I have an unusually fast cadence (about 103) so I favour lower gearing than most, but I still think there must be other people like me who couldn't care less about maximising speed downhill and don't sprint anywhere. As long as I can hit mid 20s on the flat I'm happy, and even 46/12 shouldn't be a problem there.
  • I loved riding a compact with an 11-25 10 speed. The new 12-speed Campag' will, once I have saved up for it, give me a semi-compact at 11 - 29. Best of both worlds.
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