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Turbo training workout videos- which to use?

tonysjtonysj Posts: 391
Hi All,

Its the time of year when I'm beginning to struggle to get out on the road bike due to the changeable weather so I'm looking at doing my training indoors on a Turbo Tacx Flow Smart trainer.
I've used Trainer Road in the past and don't fancy Zwift or any of the other pay to use training programmes so was wondering what folks on here use as training/workout videos on their turbos?.
I have used GCN, CTXC and Turbotripping but what do you use and find good and engaging?



  • Not what you're looking for but I just do fixed power repeats while watching cycling/triathlon videos/vlogs/documentaries

    For endurance, I fix power at 70% and watch movies
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,062
    The GCN ones at the moment. I have downloaded them off YT to avoid the online adverts that haunt the ones direct on YT. Those that have outdoor footage marginally less tedious.
    Using an uploaded YT race like Flanders or another Belgian classic and matching cadences if you want a longer stint on the turbo... the grim 2015 one is good
    I wouldnt ever do over an hour on a turbo nowadays though.
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