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iOS 9 pages hanging

orraloonorraloon Posts: 7,490
Had this issue regularly but not constantly past couple of weeks.

Open up bikeradar website and/or forum, page hangs, sometimes straightaway, sometimes after a few clicks, sometimes (fewer sadly) not at all.

iPad on iOS 9.3.5, affects both Safari and Chrome 63.0.3239.73. Does not seem to happen on Windows 10 / PC.

I have logged out, cleared history, even allowed the privacy stuff :D etc but no difference. I don't get this issue with other websites / forums.


  • orraloonorraloon Posts: 7,490
    Thinking more on this, with iOS9 being frozen on release 9.3.5, guess time to re-invest in a tablet which will get os updates / security releases etc. Roll on Black Friday deals...

    typing this on a Windows10 device
  • Apples' Built in obsolensce. ...... :(
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