Looking for advice on a cycle tour in SE asia

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Graduate finish my final year of uni in june.

I'll be in Indonesia in August 2019 for 2 weeks surfing with some buddies. After they go home, I want to stick around and spend some time with my other hobby. Cycling!

Can anyone recommend a tour/route/adventure anywhere in SE asia? (the closer to Indonesia the better)

I'm up for paying for one of those group tours if someone recommends a good one. Equally I'm open to the idea of doing a solo tour.



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    Cycled in SE Asia twice. Once from Hanoi to Luang Prabang, once following the Mekong through Cambodia.

    Tons of Air BnB places to stay in Viet Nam and Cambodia although parts of Northern Laos are a bit sparse for accommodation (we stayed in two brothels amongst other places). Have a look at Indo China Trekking for an organised tour. The obvious advantage of this type of thing being that your kit will be carried for you rather than having to hoik it around
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