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School run/ work bike

ScillysnufkinScillysnufkin Posts: 3
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Hi there, I hope someone can help, as I’m driving myself a bit crazy trying to decide on the best solution.

I’ve got a Christiania trike, but my 5 year old is getting a bit too comfy, it’s probably time he started to ride a bike.
After the school run (there’s a decent hill), I go to work as a community nurse so need plenty of room for bulky equipment.
So my question is- the best option?
My trusty Trek with tag a long- but would need to swap this for a trailer twice a day, or the more (very) expensive circe Helios, with trailer if needed ( I tried one out today- we both loved it)
I’ve looked at cargo bikes, but don’t think I’d be able to attach the tagalong
Or another option I haven’t considered?
Any help gratefully received


  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    I guess you need the tag along to get the 5yo up the hill?

    Method we use with our son is to let him ride solo - once he's had enough (he's only 3), pop him on a tag along (follow-me tandem) and ride the rest of the way. He manages about a mile before he gets tired. Our route is flat though and we then return home to drop the bike off before heading to work.
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