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Steel is Real

borisfaceborisface Posts: 273
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So finally got round to completing the build on my old winter hack, a charge juicer (tange prestige tubing) which I had stripped down and stuck on an old ultegra groupset that I had kicking around. Today I took it out for the first time in nearly two years and I have to say that I'd forgotten how brilliant steel is to ride compared to carbon. Despite being 2kgs heavier than my Scott Foil, it positively hummed along and I return with a big smile on my face. I'm looking forward to riding it over the winter and maybe into next summer...


  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,899
    I've never liked the look of Steel especially Steel MTBs.Then Spoon Customs decided to change my mind with the Izoard RR :shock:
    I need one of those in my life 8)
  • Too nice to ride on shitty UK roads!
  • Always amazes me that steel is still seen by some as a go-to Winter build option, given it rusts and the roads are full of detritus, salt and water spray, my Master suffered badly riding it in the Winter climes. Was the Steel thing rolled out when Ally and then Carbon was the new frame option/became more popular? would make more sense for anti corrosion and longevity to ride a carbon bike in Winter. If I ever had another steel road bike I wouldn't dare ride the thing in Winter....fair play if it is a hack why not, but a ££ new build, never again for me.
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  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 8,198
    ^^^ this

    I'm currently having a custom steel frame built and it won't see a single, sh1tty salty road. I'll save the aluminium Dolan for that (I'm selling my one and only carbon frameset). Crazy using anything steel and nice in winter.

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  • priorypriory Posts: 743
    My 531 framed peugeot broke for the last time this summer; not from rust , just stress at a weld having been hammered off road and on since 1979. So rust was not a problem.
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