Dura ace 9070 rear mech odd problem

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Morning people

I’m after some help or maybe just someone to re affirm what I think

I have recently put a dura ace 9070 di2 groupset on my venge. New shifters/chainset/chain/cassette and used front rear mech (both look very good condition) I previously had ultegra 11sp di2 but want to move that groupset to a new bike.

Fitted all the 9070 re plug all the cables in (internal battery) fitted everything as it should and bare in mind it all worked fine with the ultegra. Now since changing I’ve had this very annoying issue with the rear mech. I just can’t get it to shift properly. I Trim it as it Should be and it just won’t shift down the block properly. It shifts up no issue but won’t shift down. It gets stuck on say the 17-18t sprocket sometimes it’s slow other times I have to shift down 2 then back up one. I’ve used all the micro adjustments towards the 11t but still does it. I’ve tried everything. I know a lot of people have had issues and it’s been the hanger but that has been checked by my LBS and it was slightly out but was working perfect with the ultegra and even after straightening the dura ace still has the same issue. I’ve updated all softwear on all shifters,mechs,batteries etc still does it. I put the ultegra back on and it’s perfect again.

Has anyone had any issues with 9070 mechs doing similar? It doesn’t seem Bent and bushes don’t have lots of play but I’m literally out of ideas. I’ve even ordered another hanger which I’m waiting on to try that. But surely if the ultegra works perfect that means it’s the mech right?

Any help would be great. I’m decent with this kind of stuff normally and have worked in bike shops and always built my own stuff but this has me stumped

Thanks guys


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    Not the exact same issue but I had a problem with my di2 not shifting down. Turns out the rear mech went into crash recovery mode (even though it had been sat on my turbo for the past week). Reset it following these instructions and it's worked fine since.

    http://blog.artscyclery.com/road/ask-a- ... very-mode/
  • Yeah I’ve had that we’re it goes into bottom it’s not that. It’s kind of like the mech isn’t syncing with the shifters so the gear the shifters are in is different to the mech. So then to get it correct I need to micro adjust it all the way one way. It’s like it needs a factory reset or something if that’s poss
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    your still assuming the hanger is o.k. your doing the right thing trying a new hanger before warranty
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  • your still assuming the hanger is o.k. your doing the right thing trying a new hanger before warranty

    Issue is it was bought used so no warranty. Which is why I’m trying eveything before having to get another one. It’s just weird I can’t see what could be wrong with the mech but yet doesn’t work as it should amsntue ultegra one is perfect thats what’s confusing me
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    the venge is a stupid bike, id change the bike and keep the mech. :)
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    Is the resistance to use the full range of the cassette when in the small or big ring? If in the small ring, it could be synchro shifting is in action. Check the settings on eTube. It should though still go down to around the 14 tooth. Is the system fully charged too and using the correct battery.
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  • Urm... have you checked the main limiter screws haven't been meddled with? No amount of Micro-Adjustment will remedy a mech' that's screwed-off with the limiter screw.

    Other than that, have you plugged into the 'puter and run E-Tubes? That should flag-up any issues surely?