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UK shifters

backobacko Posts: 167
edited October 2018 in Road buying advice

I am looking to buy the following hydraulic shifters to upgrade my CX from cable brakes to hydraulics. ... prod174939

These are a good price but on closer inspection I fear they are for non uk bikes.

They say left hand front / right hand rear. Clearly in the uk our brakes are right hand front and left hand rear.

My thoughts are to change the brake hoses over before I fit them so the long hose is on the left hand shifter and the short hose is on the right hand shifter.

However I am now wondering which side will shift the front mech and which side the right mech! I cant find anything to confirm whether the left hand shifter shifts x2 for the front or x11 for the rear.

Anyone any experience?


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,767
    The rh shifter will always act on the rear mech, regardless of brake orientation..
  • backobacko Posts: 167
    Thats great, thanks for replying

    I will get them purchased as they are an excellent price..I do wonder if they come with the shimano easy hose joint system then changing the brake side will be a doddle..will see what arrives.

    Thanks again
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