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Double chainset conversion

mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 806
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Just thought I would share my experience with converting a triple to a double.

So over the weekend I noted that the inner ring of my Sora triple has 2 missing teeth, Rather than replacing it and given that I have never actually used the 30t granny ring I thought I would just leave it removed and not bother replacing.

Anyway I popped the new '50/39 double' chainset back onto the frame without the 30t granny ring and adjusted the front mech limit screws to go no lower than the 39t 'middle' ring (now lowest) and bingo - It works a treat! Ok so the chain line for the lowest gear is a little more extreme but not by much. I am rarely in the 39/28 combo (by virtue of the lack of hills around here and not my strength or lack of it). If anything the chain line for the gears I use most is actually seemingly more aligned now, Spend 90% of my rides in the highest 5 gears on the cassette.

I have a 12-26 cassette in the shed somewhere - When I get chance I might pop that on as it will give me less jump between those higher 4 or 5 gears but for now really chuffed with my new hack.

Anyway just worth mentioning to anyone toying with the idea of running a double but currently have a triple - Best bit is if you decide the new double is not right for you then its a simple case of popping the granny ring back on and re-adjusting the front mech limit screw.

No need to get a new chainset, mech or shifter.

Ok so my 50/39 double is a little odd - Somewhere between a compact and standard, I suppose it could be considered a hybrid semi-compact ?! Crucially tho it works just fine.
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