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Winter clothing

andyh01andyh01 Posts: 571
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Hi all, I'm back in the saddle after a couple years off bike, mainly 10 mile each way commute, currently taking about 45/50 mins (as on a censored 26" wheel 8 internal hub gears) but also be joining a local social club 3 hour weekly ride, once I've upgraded the bike to 700c drop bar bike. The commute is mainly ncn and fairly flat, I put in effort as see it as training.
My previous commute was only 4 mile and although took 30 mins stop/start as more on road I used non specific/cheap sports clothes currently mid weight lycra leggings from sports direct and a Aldi fleece Jersey.
I'm currently a overweight mainly on belly I'm 169cm tall and currently weigh 79kg 36 year old male
I'm now looking for something more cycling specific having looked and looked I'm confused what to get, I currently have a wiggle basket of mainly dub stuff but was wondering who offers the best value, in particular I'm looking for the following;

Winter bib tights around up to £70 decent pad breathability and warm ideally water resistant too
Jersey (would love castelli perfectto but can't justify cost may ask santa) up to around £50
Base layer long sleeve prefer neck ziprather than full but not sure £30 isn't
Gilet sportful? £40 ish to wear over Jersey when cold wind and take off once warm
Soft shell jacket? Something for when cold and wet or would that be a hard shell?
Would I need something else when just cold

I already have some overshoes but may get some toe thingy as well or possibly warm socks?
I don't think arm/leg warmers as won't want to stop and take off and as winter would prefer long sleeves rather than short.

Anything I've missed ?
Which in house brand offers best value? Dub, fee (Evans) decathlon or red or others?
Just want something half decent without breaking the bank

Any recommendations be much appreciated mainly bib tights and jerseys
Sorry for long list but so confused now on best value cycling clothing
Please help
Thanks a


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,472
    Get yourself down to decathlon and look at their winter stuff, still using my roubaix bibtights and softshell jacket for winter after 5yrs use commuting. Don't get the stuff graded as 100 range get the higher graded stuff as better suited to what you want, save the money and get the better stuff as you get fitter and more toned. With decathlon you can try it out first for size unlike mail order.
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  • andyh01andyh01 Posts: 571
    The issue with decathlon is there isn't a local one nearby it's a bit of a track so would order online and exchange if needed. Is the 900 series much better than the 500 ? I also don't like the big BTwin print on the 900 Jersey and at those prices it's comparable to others and some brands sale/discount prices.
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  • stueysstueys Posts: 1,332
    Check out dub and endura. Good quality stuff at a fair price
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,472
    The pads are better on the 900, you pay for the quality. I've got dhb not dub and altura, funkier, planetx, endura, Gore plus some other makes that I've amassed over the yrs and personally believe the hi end decathlon stuff is well worth the money and better made than some of the more expensive options. Sizing is more normal as well as opposed to some makes.
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  • andyh01andyh01 Posts: 571
    Umm just put a basket together on wiggle £250!!
    Dhb for tights good review on road cc n loads of user reviews at £65
    Dhb jacket £65
    Gore C5 trail gloves £25
    Base layer dhb £35
    Gilet £25
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,472
    Andy, the base layers can be pretty much anything tbh. I've been using my walking base layers with no issues rather than getting new. For the best winter riding in the cold make sure the bibtights are windproof or resistant as well as roubaix, same with gloves etc. I tend to wear my softshell jacket when it's 2 degrees or below wet or dry and just a roubaix jersey and baselayer above those temps with a gilet if required in the dry. If it's wet I have the usual boil in the back jacket. I found neoprene overshoes ideal for the cold and wet with my normal cycle shoes. Gloves I've found to a pain finding some that fit nicely as I have smallish hands, but again windproof is minimum requirement. I also use liner gloves if it's really cold, and a buff for the face with decent skullcap that goes over the ears. Good luck choosing and losing the weight, I keep trying but I tend to hover between 79 up to 85 depending on what's going on in my life. Cycling got me fit but I didn't really lose weight until I started running a bit.
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  • Lusso make some good winter kit
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  • zeeezeee Posts: 103
    I'd go with planet x for base layers. Around £8 each and they're no worse than the dhb one you're paying £35 for.
  • ALDI base layers, Torm jerseys, Perfetto/Alpha when it’s miserable.
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  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,707
    I've tried several approached over the years.

    I have a Gore Phantom II (detachable sleeves). It's bulky but works well in the cold but overheats if it warms up. It still is functional but the zip is censored so I've consigned it to the spares drawer.

    I then went for the merino base layers and jerseys (PlanteX base and Torm jerseys) with a gilet. That worked but it was risky with arm warmth.

    Last November I bought a Perefetto long sleeve and, so far, it's been the best yet. At 5 -10 degrees I wear it on its own. Gets a bit warm at 10 degrees but as it's not bulky it feels more comfy than the Phantom. At below 5 degrees I layer with a thick Tog24 merino base layer. Been down to freezing and haven't been cold yet plus light-medium rain sheds of the Perfetto well. I got the Perfetto half price (£90) in the black Monday sales from Sigma sports. They seem to discount Castelli well.

    DHP thermal long bibs are good. I also have a pair of fleece lined Gore longs for very cold weather. They need a pair of bib shorts as well so the gonads can get a beat warm.

    On the feet - either shoes and heavy neoprene overshoes and thick socks if you space in the shoes. Or Northwave winter boots.

    Gloves - best so far have been a pair of Louis Garneaux winter gloves. Now 5 or 6 years old and still working. Now discontinued though so not sure what will be next.

    Buff around the neck and a beanie on the head.

    If I was starting again I would go straight to the Perfetto set up.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Oh buffs are brilliant. PX do them for a couple of quid.
  • big_harvbig_harv Posts: 512
    Fairly sure I've got a buff that was a freebie from C+. You never know your luck, hint hint....

    Brilliant bit of kit right enough.
  • joey54321joey54321 Posts: 1,297
    Just a thought but have you considered padless bibtights? I find with regularly commuting it means I can wear them multiple times and change the shrots underneath. It also means investing in a more expensive set of shorts that can be worn and be comfortable in winter and in summer.
  • Galibier make some excellent kit for the money. Their Mistral softshell jacket is really good value.
  • jamesesjameses Posts: 653
    Another recommendation for Galibier, much better kit than the prices would suggest! Just be a bit careful with the sizing on the shorts/tights, you will probably need to go a size up compared to most UK brands (DHB, Lusso etc.)
  • I have the decathlon 500 jacket which is excellent value at £40.

    Don’t think you can go far wrong with the DHB tights.

    I found the decathlon 900 winter gloves better than the gore gloves which cost double the price.

    For good quality hardwearing winter gear I don’t think you’ll any issues with either DHB/decathlon.
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