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New wheel/tubeless tyre set up

shawnyshawny Posts: 33
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Finally ordered a new CX bike, now to order some wheels, either Alex CDX 4 or Hunt gravel 4 season? I want to run them tubeless for racing and my usual Challenge tyres don’t seem to be available tubeless! So which tubeless set up for dry to mud conditions and which wheel setup? I currently run a Limus on the front and Griffo rear.


  • b-works10b-works10 Posts: 152
    Have you seen that Challenge are releasing tubeless? they’ve been reviewed by cyclocross magazine in the US.
    Not too sure when they’ll arrive though.
    Baby Limus is good between intermediate and full muds.
    I know a guy who runs the vulcanised challenge tyres tubeless.
    Currently, there doesn’t seem to be many options with tread as good as challenge open tubulars...
  • Vittoria Terreno are getting great reviews and I love them. The 'wet' model is great in mud but not too draggy and sets up tubeless nice and easy.

    Could even do a wet on the front and a mix on the back...
  • andypandyp Posts: 8,352
    I'd echo that recommendation for Vittoria Terreno, I've used the Dry and the Wet variants and have been very, very impressed with both. The Wet is easily the best tubeless wet tyre I've used, giving superb grip in really wet, slippy mud and tacky, sticky mud and clearing well too. The Dry is equally impressive, I was out on them this morning and it had rained overnight and was quite slippy in places, but try as I might I couldn't get it to lose traction when accelerating hard. But they really excel in the dry, offering loads of grip but also rolling really well.
  • shawnyshawny Posts: 33
    Sounds like a Terreno wet for the front and mixed for the rear. Looks like being a wet week leading up to Sunday’s race
  • shawnyshawny Posts: 33
    No one seems to have any left in stock!
  • othelloothello Posts: 577
    Schwalbe X-One.

    Go for the regular version for pretty much any condition except for thick mud. They are mega grippy but also fast. My son, who is a keen racer, wasn't sold on them to begin with because they were not tan-wall (it's a style thing for him...). But he has now admitted they are fantastic, and he prefers them over his old Challenge Baby Limus.

    For mud, put on the X-Bite. You don't want to use them for dry/mixed conditions, because they are really squirmy. But in thick mud, they are super grippy, and clear the mud.
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  • shawnyshawny Posts: 33
    Just ordered some Hunt gravel 4 seasons, I am having the X One all round on the rear and X One Bite on the front, both tubeless. Stock wheels came with tubes and performance X one all round, been out once but didn’t push them on corners. They seemed good but fancied going tubeless. Challenge Limus and Griffo are my usual choice up to now.
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