Focus Cayo Evo 2 2014 Seat Clamp issues

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I’ve owned my Cayo from new and loved it. I have ridden the bike some around 6k miles on some demanding roads. Over the past couple of months I suffered creaking from the seatpost which I have always been able to cure in the past through a clean of seatpost and application of a little carbon paste.
This time unfortunately this didn’t do the trick. On closer examination I discovered a little movement in the seatpost. Tightness of the clamp was checked several times and I have been very careful not to tighten above the recommended 4 Newtons.
My LBS came to the same conclusion that the seatpost had become loose because it had ‘worn away’ a little of the insert hence the movement. Different seatpost clamps at 4 N did not solve the problem.
After a ride last Sunday the seat post became looser still and on removal back home I discovered that the alloy insert into the carbon down tube had snapped/ crumbled. The carbon down tube is fully intact .
I’d love to post pictures but unsure how to do this.
This link ... R4F7k4eQ7M
gives an image of the alloy insert on a Cayo
My question is if there is any repair that can be made to the alloy insert? I’ve tried one carbon frame repair company who said couldn’t repair as not carbon.
Thank you in advance- any thoughts gratefully received!


  • webboo
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    Have you contacted Focus to ask them.
  • Yes - will be taking the bike in next week to the shop where I bought it. I don’t know if I’m right, but it appears to me that Focus are less prominent in a range of bike shops recently. I wonder if they are pulling out of the UK completely?
    Hope not- I’m just trying a few options to try and save the bike at present!
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    If you intend to keep using the frame yourself you could epoxy the insert and seat post in place. You would lose the ability to move the post in future but it should keep the frame functional.
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
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    How much seatpost is inserted in the frame?

    From my understanding, there is an alloy shim in the carbon frame that has been damaged. Can you remove the shim entirely and replace? USE do a whole range of shims.

    Alternately, if USE don’t do a shim that fits have one made up that fits the carbon seatpost and bond in place. It’s a pain but should be a cheap fix.

    I may have misunderstood the problem...........
  • Hi Svetty and Vino,
    Thank you for your replies and help along with Webboo. Both good shouts and will explore both. The shim won’t move Vino but will definitely explore different sizes. And yes final option is to fix in placewhich would enable me to keep using the bike! I’m going to go in to the LBS where I got the bike from this week hopefully to explore the options.
    I went out on my CAAD 10 this morning which I haven’t used in ages and enjoyed riding it for a change, so not all bad!