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B'twin Rockrider 540 v. Calibre Two Cubed v. Carrera Kraken v. Cube Acid

mrbigbikermrbigbiker Posts: 21
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Well the subject might look like a mistake but bear with me.

Following my bike theft I opted to go for a cash settlement and have about £400 after they've taken out my excess. I was overbiked before so am thinking of getting something fitted to my riding standard this time.

Riding is a mix of bridle ways, (old) railway tracks, cycle paths, fields and road. I'm in my 60s, limited recent riding, over 16st/100kg and unfit but quite capable of a fast walk. Because of the above the chosen gearing is deliberate. Wheel size of 27.5 is also a deliberate choice.

The Rockrider comes in at £349

The Calibre is £365 for a few more days inclusive of discount card and net of current 10% offer and will be back to £405 after that (I assume).

The Kraken price varies and historically I have found between £360 (and looking increasingly like no extra BC discount) and £450 (less BC) so lets say it varies between £360 and £405.

Does any one stand out as good/bad, best/worst bike, best/worst value? I'm not really after other suggestions but don't let that stop you!

Just to throw in a real curve ball, during settlement 'negotiations' over finding a replacement with a Rockshox air fork I found the 2017 Cube Acid at £600. It is way above what I need, but I enjoy quality items at my time of life. Thoughts?



  • Clearly I’d go with the most expensive of these - as it’s a double rather than triple chain set and I’d prefer that Rockshox recon to the lower end suntour models on the other bikes.

    If you didn’t want to spend the money on the top one I’d think I’d rule out the Carrera. Without looking at geometry I’d probably go with the rock rider. It just looks more light and it seems to be a chunk lighter than the Caliper.
  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    For what you are riding I would buy a hybrid and get better quality parts for the money.

    I ride MTB trails on a CX with 40c tyres with no problems even though I have a 150mm full susser, it makes a change.

    Also I'm no youngster at 68.
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
  • Surely the MTB would be more comfortable on the terrain mentioned - and wheels will be stronger. Whilst 100kg isn’t amazingly heavy, it’s still going to put quite a lot of load through a spindlier wheel. I only have a couple of mtbs then a road bike at the opposite extreme (25c tyres) but if the road gets even vaguely bumpy the mtbs are so much more comfortable. They also have a much lower range for going up steeper hills with a good spin. The road bike is a real crank effort on steep stuff.
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