How bad are my XCD Rims?

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Hi all

Just upgraded my frame and now need to change my rear wheel to fit 12x142. I currently have some cheap Carrera XCD rims purchased second hand when rebuilding a frame after my nice bike was stolen.

Am looking at buying a decent hub, and considering some of the rims round the £30/40 price range from chain reaction for a nice new build.

I know the XCD's are built by formula so i am wondering if they are as crap as i think, or will the relatively cheap CRC rims just be of a similar quality for the price, making it a waste of money?
Am currently looking at these.... ... prod176854 ... -prod26288 ... -prod12317

Am mostly riding single track, bike parks, trail stuff, nothing mental...

Sorry if this kind of thing has been covered lots before.....



  • Not sure on your current rims, but if you want cheap but quite good ones hen look for some WTB Stu-25’s or 23’s. they’re pretty robust and not too heavy. Planet X were selling them for £15 each last time I looked.

    If you’re thinking about spending £30-£40 per rim I’d look at DT Swiss - if you search for a bike website called ‘star bike’ they usually have the best prices for hat make. I got some DT XM481’s from there miles cheaper than anywhere else.
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    Thanks very much for that, will have a look at all of that stuff!
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    I have yet to find better rims than the kinlin Tl23 and 29. What is good about them is how securely a tubeless tyres locks into the rim. Burping is practically impossible. They are very round and straight. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    The XCD rims are OK, but by the time you've bought new hubs and almost certainly new spokes it makes more sense to sell your old wheel intact and get a better rim for your new wheel.
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    I think that makes most sense to me too....I have now been looking at some eBay/classifieds wheel sets with better hubs, just to take away the hassle of building new wheels, and may keep the XCDs for my old frame and build a commuter bike.

    Thanks for the help and advice guys!