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Another Which Bike? Thread

stevekozstevekoz Posts: 103
edited October 2018 in MTB buying advice
Hi All,

been a while, but back again.

My wife has just decided that she wants us to do more cycling together BUT that she doesn't want to spend that much money doing it and after spending ALOT of money on my new bike this year she has forbid me spending anything new.

Meaning i'm left to the 2nd hand market - which is fine, not afraid of a used bike - many bargains to be had.

I've gone wild on the budget of £200 - which i know massively limits my options and ideally i'd like to think i could still get an "OK" bike.

I've got two that i'm considering so far, both within budget -

Focus Northern Line
Trek Elite 8.5

Both standard bikes. Not entirely local but can be shipped within cost.

Just wondered if there were any opinions on either of those as a decent starter xc bike.

Thanks in advance.
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