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I currently ride a Nukeproof Scout 2018 and I'm really happy with it, buuut I'm starting to think about getting a fully. Mainly because I have some lower back problems. I've tried my brothers' Specialized Epic (can't remember the year, it's 3-4 years old I think) and even though it's only 100 mm of travel it really softens the ride a lot! It is however far too XC-oriented and twitchy for me, but it made me realize that I might want something that is slightly more lively than my Scout..

I live in Denmark and our trails are pretty flat. As an example, my local trail is around 16 km but only has around 200 height meters and that's distributed over many small descents and punchy climbs. I love going downhill, jumps and technical terrain, but realistically 90 % of my riding will be on my local, rather mellow trails. So I think what I want is a bike that's relatively lively and doesn't feel like overkill on the local trails, but still is capable enough to handle more technical and steeper terrain as well as the occasional bike park trip. Do you guys have any suggestions for a bike with these characteristics? Price range ideally around 2000-3000 £.


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    Giant Anthem 27.5 or a Bird Aeris 120?
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I've been thinking about a Bird Aeris myself!
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    I’d say bird. ;) Click the link in my signature. :) Amazing bike.
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    Cotic Flare or FlareMAx.
  • It sounds like you want something with a bit of cushioning to ease your back issues - I totally get that.

    The anthem is still fairly xc orientated above - although it depends on the year of the anthem. I’ve not ridden the Aeris 120 (I’ve got the Aeris 145lt) but would assume it’s livelier than my current bike and Bird are a great company to deal with.

    I’ve had a go on a Kona Process 134 a few times and I’d say that’s worth adding to the list. It’s not as good value, but the thing just wanted to manual / wheelie / pop off jumps etc - hilarious. I’m led to believe the Transition Scout may also be worth a look. Something trail orientated with 120mm travel and relatively short seat stays / not too long a front centre sounds like the ticket.