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Thinner tyres on MTB rim?

sev112sev112 Posts: 99
edited October 2018 in Commuting general
I’ve got an old MTB , currentky with 26x1.95 tyres on

I want to put some much thinner tyres on to use on road for commuting

Is there a limit I can down to on tyre size?


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,678
    Theoretically yes, but it's difficult to say what without knowing what the rims are. Lots of MTB rims used to be about 17mm internal, which is nowadays pretty normal for a modern road rim, and you'd be fine even down to a 25mm tyre. You'll probably want to go bigger than that anyway though.
  • I have 26 x 1.3 continental tyres on my mountain/roadbike conversion, they fit and work fine....

  • Ive run both 26 x 1.25" & 26 x 1.5" Schwalbe Marathons on my converted Giant mountain bike.
    The size, smoothness, and pressure all help a great deal for commuting efficiency!
  • sev112sev112 Posts: 99
    Thanks all - very helpful

    Following getting a chronic illness I’ve got to shift to a much easier bike to ride and I wanted to do that with what’s in the garage rather than buy new, given that it might not even be possible to cycle regulalry

    Thanks again
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