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Sutton Park, Birmingham

hairysaddlebagshairysaddlebags Posts: 17
edited October 2018 in Routes

I've just got back into mountain biking in the last couple of months after a break of about 10 years and I'm looking to see if anyone knows any good routes in sutton park. I used to park up in the car park at the top of the hill above the boat house/bracebridge pool and just do loops around bracebridge, but I'm looking to do something a bit more exciting/adventurous.

I normally go to Sandwell valley and do some blue and some red routes on the little trails, and I've done some of follow the dog at Cannock Chase (but not the rock gardens) so looking for similar if possible.

Any suggestions welcome.


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,126
    At Cannock Chase, the Follow the Dog trail arrives at the Monkey trail after a mile or so. You could divert onto the Monkey trail until it brings you back to Follow the Dog just after the railway crossing. You lose a few hundred yards maybe less of the Dog. Total about 14 miles.
  • Alright hairysaddlebags…….routes around sutton park are pretty flat & good if you wanna just
    improve your fitness but if you wanna have a little more fun & start to progress try what the
    previous poster said & start try doing the monkey part of the trail over at cannock..I'm a
    Sutton local & often ride over @ cannock ,so if you ever want someone to shred with by
    all means gis a shout. 8)
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