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Good afternoon all!

Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm posting at this particular moment in time because I'd like your help to prevent baldness, ie, I'm going to tear my hair out if I don't get to the bottom of this!

I have a 2018 Kona Unit. When it's moving, whether I'm pedalling or not, it makes a bloody annoying irregular "tick, tick tick tick, tick tick" noise. It sounds like it's emanating from somewhere in the rear triangle.

First of all I took it back to my LBS (who happen to be the Kona UK main dealer). Their mechanic completely stripped it back to the frame, degreased, regreased, torqued and tightened everything he could possibly degrease, regrease, torque and tighten. It didn't work.

The fact that it happens whether I'm pedalling or not made me wonder if it was a problem with the wheels, so I took them to a different bike shop near my workplace. Their mechanic told me that the spokes on the rear wheel were a little loose so he tightened them and hopefully that would stop it. It didn't.

Is this something that any of you have encountered? Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance.


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    Rear hub? I replaced a bottom bracket once thinking that was the cause of a clicking, still had it, so repacked the rear hub and that sorted it.
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    My first guess was the hub, but the mechanic should have spotted that.
  • It’s possibly the rear brake disc clattering the spring thing in the rear calliper. New rear pads should sort it.
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  • Spokes all evenly tight?
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    Thanks each.
    Rear hub...

    Hmmm... I am missing something obvious.

    The first guy stripped everything back to the frame, but I don't know if he looked at the wheels. I'll call him tomorrow and find out. The second guy only looked at the spokes. The wheel runs smoothly when you spin it by hand so he probably wouldn't have noticed it while it was in the truing stand.

    Fingers X'd.
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    Rear derraileur cable end clipping the spokes?
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  • Afternoon.

    Due to several tedious reasons, it took a while, but the problem has been solved.

    If any of you give a sh... you-know-what... the noise was down to a damaged washer rattling about beneath the cover of the drive side crank bolt. It took so long to find because it was effing tiny! I really don't know how such a small object can make so much noise!

    Anyway, all is quiet now, and I had a relaxing, rattle-free ride home from the bike shop yesterday afternoon.