£100 on bike parts for Christmas

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Hi all,

If anyone would like to switch to Nationwide Bank, I have a refer a friend code which gets you £100 within 4 weeks from switching, just in time for Christmas! I've just done it and its very easy, PM if interested.



  • dstev55
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    And obviously you are offering this out of the goodness of your heart and there is absolutely no incentive for you at all I assume?
  • Tashman
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    £100 each I read. Why not?
  • veronese68
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    Tashman wrote:
    £100 each I read. Why not?
    Indeed, so it could be a win for two people rather than just the one. Don't see that as a bad thing.
  • Thanks Tashman and Veronese68, you're right its a win win. Thanks for the interest, I have 3 links left. I don't need any info from you, I just send you a link and if you switch, £100 in around 3 weeks.