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I've signed up the above event next year and most people recommend a CX bike for the road and off road cycle. I'm tempted by the idea of adding another bike however I think the risk is I'll never use it again.

I have a Grand Canyon AL SLX 8 29er hard tail and was thinking tri bars and something like schwalbe G-one speed evo could be an option enabling good on road speed but still being ok for the off road.

I have zero experience of clip on tri bars, anyone have experience of tyres and aero bars care to comment (I know its a weird request!)?

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    I've done it twice. There's more road than off-road so a cross bike is a good idea. I did see one strong girl on a road bike on slicks bit that was a dry year. Luckily for her.

    A mountain bike with more Roady tyres and Tri bars could work I suppose but why wouldn't you get the cross bike ?