Tool Storage on Bike

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On my old rocky mountain i used to keep tools and pump in a large water bottle and strap tube to frame

On my new YT Jeffsey i dont have the space for a larger water bottle

So is there a frame bag that fits a small jeffsey or bag that bolts on to water bottle mount, or even a multitool that mounts direct to frame were wattle bottle goes



  • whyamihere
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    Buy one of these: ... p-EV334567

    It mounts everything behind the saddle. Easily space for a tube, multitool, CO2 and tyre levers. They do a bigger version as well if you need more capacity.
  • steve_sordy
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    Be careful that it still works whether your dropper is fully up or down. AND that the rear wheel doesn't hit it when your suspension is compressed.

    Edit: also that your arse doesn't hit the saddle bag when going over a drop. I've had my arse buzzed by the rear wheel.

    I used to have a zipped bag that sat inside the frame, as well as an under the saddle bag. They were really useful on a hardtail. But once I got a full suss, they both had to go as they just would not work. Someone suggested that I use one of the roadie tops with the three elasticated pockets on the lower back. Having fallen off more than once, the last thing I wanted was to land on my back with a pump and a mini-tool in those pockets. Soft things only would be the answer, but they got squished all over the place, what a mess!. So I bought a backpack, which was one of the best things I ever did. They are more than just storage! :D
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    Camelbak type thing for me, was £15 from Tesco :)
  • phz
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    One of these...

    ...and a tube strapped under the saddle.
  • pHz wrote:
    One of these...

    ...and a tube strapped under the saddle.

    looks like the kinda thing Im after :)

    i have had saddle bags and didnt last with the weather in scotland, also the straps are good if the weather is dry but looking for either a sealed frame bag or bottle idea to protect tools from going rusty

    I hate carrying tools in the bag or on person if you have a bad fall it gonna hurt
  • JGTR
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    You can use a standard cage and a tool bottle, you can get pumps that attach to the side of the cage.

    Check out One Up components, they do a multi tool that fits into the fork steerer, or one that fits into the end of a pump that then screws to the side of the bottle cage.
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    I wouldnt put under the saddle on a mountain bike - it will get a constant stream of crudd all over it. I just keep mine in my camelbak. On my hardtail I have used a frame bag for an Abus Lock - was a great size and shape and not expensive - not sure if one of these would work, there are multiple shapes available.
  • Use the Gripper tool bag by Dakine.I can fit a 27.5 tube,co2/inflator,multitool,tyre lever,patches & those things you
    use to seal biggerwholes in the tyre