Maxxis to Schwalbe Tyres 650b

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I recently changed tyre set to Schwalbe. I have always run Maxxis but the sidewall on the ardent was pretty questionable after a pinch flat and also fancied a change. Thought I would post some comparisons and weight info to hopefully help other people. I haven't been out on them yet so can't comment on ride quality, reliability etc..
The Ardent 2.4 EXO TR (rear) and Highroller 2.3 EXO TR (front) I have been running with tubes on SRAM Roam 50 wheelset (21mm width) and covered approx 5,000 km. Local woods is Peaslake and done half a dozen trips to Bike Park Wales on them.

As you can see from pics below the Schwalbe definitely blow up a little bigger.

Weight Info
Ardent 2.4 EXO TR = 672g (Suspect you can add approx 100g to this if tyre was new) // with wheel and tube = 2,150g
Hans Dampf 2.35 Evo Snakeskin Addict = 828g // with wheel and tube = 2,350g // tubeless setup = 2,200g

HighRoller 2.3 EXO TR = 800g // with wheel and tube = 1,965g
Magic Mary 2.35 Evo Soft Addict = 837g // with wheel and tube = 2,000g // tubeless setup 1,850g

Lost approx 150g per wheel converted to Tubeless. I didn't have any issues going tubeless i put in tubes on the new tyres and left for 24hrs then I only ended up seating one bead once removed. I had to remove the presta valve to get a large shot of air but using a track pump had no issues getting the tyre to pop into place. Left over night and no loss of pressure :-)


Hans Dampf

Ardent vs Hans Dampf

HighRoller vs Magic Mary

Magic Mary

Magic Mary vs Hans Dampf


  • Hi,

    I've been toying with the idea of running this tyre combo for the winter, Soft Magic Mary up front & Speedgrip Hans Dampf on the rear.

    I'd be interested to know how you get on with them and also compared to the Maxxis that you've ran before.

    Look forward to reading your review... :)