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Brompton Superlight - worth the extra for daily 10-25 mile ride?

dubcatdubcat Posts: 737
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Hi, I'm looking to start cycling again. The easiest way for me to do this would be to ride home from work. Unfortunately I don't have time to ride in to work so I plan to ride home.

I'm going to buy a Brompton for the job so i can take it on the train easily. Is the Superlight worth the extra? I've read people say it's good if you want to carry it far but what about actually riding it?

BTW i plan to get an S6L - the flat bar. Is this a good option or should i aim for the raised bar?
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  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Jeepers - it's almost double the cost of the ordinary one. And it saves just 700gr ?

    If you're someone who can tell if their bottle is full or not when you're cycling - and you've money to burn - then maybe.

    If you're normal - it's not worth the cost.

    As for the bars - you probably need to try them. I'm used to road bikes so I went with the S bar.
  • Easier to carry on the train than the normal version. Brompton tend to hold their value well, so the extra money might not be all down the drain.
    That said, if you are a reasonably big lad, you don't need the light version to carry it around.
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  • dubcatdubcat Posts: 737
    Thanks guys. Regular one it is.
    2010 Specialized Rockhopper
    2012 Bianchi Infinito
  • I've had 2 x S2LX Bromptons. Ti versions.
    They hold their value remarkably well - i think more so than the non Ti ones.
    They are nice and rust/ scratch free to care for.
    They are lighter - 1.5 lbs is nothing to be sniffed at when hoiking on / off rail luggage racks, etc.
    Cyclescheme if you can.
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    Changes afoot with Brompton - they have just announced a deal with Cycle Republic, Tredz and parent Halfords.
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