Releasing stuck spokes.

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How do you loosen seized spokes such that the blades part stays in the correct plane and doesn’t twist?

I’ve normally just added a few drops of oil and come back to it the next day but to no avail this time.

Yes I’m holding the blade properly whilst adjusting the spoke.


  • Something more penetrating than oil... GT85, WD40... if the nipples are alloy they might never come loose again
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    A 50/50 mix of acetone and Automatic Transmission Fluid makes one of the best penetrants you can get. But as mentioned the nipples may be permanently stuck. I did have some luck once with some fused alu nipples by taking a pair of pliers and slightly crushing the nipple then grabbing at 90 deg rotation and doing the same thing. This deforms the nipple helping to break it free from the spoke threads allowing you to unscrew it. Of course the nipple is ruined but better than cutting your spokes and a good time to replace with some brass nipples.
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    they are indeed alloy, ill bypass GT85 and go straight for the nuclear option. Thank you ugo and Cranky