Ribble 7005 Audax / Winter Frame

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I posted this in commute but think it would be better here so apologies for double posting.

My old commuter frame died a death last week. I have not heard anything bad about the Ribble frame and my nephew has one and it looks great with full guards.

I looked on their site last week and saw this and thought bob on.
Mudguard and pannier mounts

I commute with a rear pannier and their photo also showed the mounts. Excellent.

So, it turned up on Friday and I started to get a build going on Saturday. First thing the BB needed retapping, so went to my LBS to get that done. Now I have only just noticed that there ISNT any rear pannier mount or mudguard mount.


Anyone else have one without these? I have contacted Ribble regarding this. But seriously peeved as now I have to go through the @rse biscuits of sending it back etc.