Ribble 7005 Audax Frame

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My old commuter frame died a death last week. I have not heard anything bad about the Ribble frame and my nephew has one and it looks great with full guards.

I looked on their site last week and saw this and thought bob on.
Mudguard and pannier mounts

I commute with a rear pannier and their photo also showed the mounts. Excellent.

So, it turned up on Friday and I started to get a build going on Saturday. First thing the BB needed retapping, so went to my LBS to get that done. Now I have only just noticed that there ISNT any rear pannier mount or mudguard mount.


Anyone else have one without these? I have contacted Ribble regarding this. But seriously peeved as now I have to go through the @rse biscuits of sending it back etc.


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    How odd, and frankly bloody annoying.
    I'd been looking at these as a back up frame in the past, - the picture clearly shows them.

    Can you let me know how the customer service side goes? I'm looking at the 725 GCR and interested in how they act if things go wrong..
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    Re: Ribble customer service - My experience of it was first class - The freehub on my GranFondo's Vision 35 wheel went after 6 months and after spending a month or so waiting for FSA to sort out a replacement, they gave up and sent me a nice new shiny pair of Mavic Cosmic Elite UST wheels, obviously this is my experience and YMMV, but so far so good.