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Hunt Gravel Vs Hope 20five wheelsets?

joey54321joey54321 Posts: 1,297
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I am looking at some new wheels for my cyclocross bike. The above wheelsets are a similar price and look pretty similar in general (though the Hopes are a bit heavier).

Has anyone got any good/bad words to say about them? Or even better used both and can compare?

I'm certainly not troubling the sharp end of races but i'd like something that will allow me to race and that is reliable too.


  • Just to add another question on the Hunt wheels.

    I've also been looking at the Hunt wheels and the option of tubeless.

    What is the lowest pressure you can run tubeless? I know it's a generic question and will depend on a number of factors, but any general guidance?
  • joey54321joey54321 Posts: 1,297
    Well, I was running low 20s in my cross races last year at ~78kg plus kit. No burping but I did slightly damage one of the rims going over a tree root. This was on 33c tyres. I believe it depends what the tubeless 'lock' on the tyre is like as to how soon/at what pressure you burp.
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,410 Lives Here
    What hubs do Hunt use? Hope hubs have a good reputation so I'd lean that way for the same price.
  • joey54321joey54321 Posts: 1,297
    I think they are generic OEM hubs that Hunt have specified the bearings etc... for

    I don't think Hunt do anything other than carefully choose OEM stuff from catalogs and put it together then market it well. However, they seem to have done their homework and choose good quality components and get lots of good reviews. The Hope hubs certainly are a plus, though they are heavier and slightly (~£80) more expensive.
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,410 Lives Here
    That's pretty much the impression I get. What kind of riding do you do? Are you actually doing a lot of cross races or is it, like mine, a cross bike used for everyday use and the odd foray off road? Racing would be quite hard on the hubs with a lot of mud and grit getting everywhere. I don't have any Hope hubs myself but I believe it is fairly simple to replace bearings on them, I'd research both to see which is easier in that respect. That could be another win for Hope.
    Also, do you like the loud clicking of the freehub? Could be an issue for some.
  • joey54321joey54321 Posts: 1,297
    I'm not bothered about the freehub noise.

    I race cross for ~6 weeks - 2 months each year but use the bike once a week or so for offroad 'club runs' too.
  • edward.sedward.s Posts: 157
    Both my good bikes have handbuilts with Hope hubs from spokesman wheels. The Hope hubs are a really nice piece of kit and are easily serviceable. RS4 road hub bearings are mildly expensive compared to some, a set of Endura or Hope stainless bearings will set you back £35-40, or you could save a few pounds and run non-stainless ones.

    Worth a look at Spokesman anyway, you might get a pair of handbuilt wheels in price range and you can then specify spoke type, count, rims etc.
  • I have the Hope 20Fives. Can't recommend them. Hard to get them to seal Tubeless. Once they're set up they work great but with all the great options out there I would not recommend them.

    I would say just get some Hope hubs and WTB rims and get your local builder to make something by hand for you.
  • I've just switched to Hope 20Fives on y carbon Synapse and, so far, am very pleased with them. I'm running them with tubes so can't comment on the tubeless issues mentioned above.
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  • I've got a pair of Hunt gravel disc wheels hung up in the garage. I bought them thinking that I'd be doing some off road stuff, but that never worked out so they spent last winter on my winter road bike. They have been on some light tracks - ex railway bed sort of stuff which caused no problems.
    They run freely, the bearings are still smooth. Spokes are still tight. I'm running them with tubes but that has caused no problems. No idea what they will be like on rough stuff, but the roads round here are pothole central and they've handled all that with no dints or scrapes. They are still in good nick. It's a pity I've not got a use for them because I quite like them. Maybe I'll have to buy another bike to put them on!!!
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