Recommend me some Flat pedal Shoes and Pedals !!

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As above really.

Going to give Flats a good go this winter after using Spuds for, well, years.

Shoe wise it would be a choice between 510s or Adidas Terrex TC. Prefer the look of the Adidas as the 510s do look abit big and bulky ! My misses reckons the 510s look abit "Special" if you know what i mean !! :shock:

Pedals now ? So much to choose from DMR V8, V12 ? Would like something quite thin, any suggestions.

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    510s with Superstars Nano x evos
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    Nano-X Evo pedals from Superstar Components.
    Adidas Terrex for the winter. 5:10’s are great but absorb water like a sponge and take ages to dry. At least the Freeriders I have do.
    Grip with both is great as Adidas bought 5 10 and use the same rubber compound for the soles.
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    Wellgo MG1 for pedals. Nice light magnesium goodness.
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  • Pedals is very much a personal choice and some can be a bit marmite.

    Nano-X are good and my current flats are Wellgo (not magnesium) 'cos they woz in the sale.

    I have 2 pairs of 5.10's. The canvas Freeriders look quite nice but they are not winter shoes. They absorb water and you get cold feet when it's sub zero. I just got some 5.10 EPS from Sport Pursuit for half price and they are pretty good. Supposedly more waterproof with a thinsulate lining. Feel a lot more cosy. I bought half a size bigger so I can fit my thick Sealskinz socks inside then.

    They do look a little `special` but as long as I've got warm/dry feet, I don't care.
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  • Shimano AM7 flat shoes with DMR Vaults (in fact pretty much any DMR pedal).

    The Shimano pedals are very slightly less grippy than the 510s, but that is a good thing as it enables me to move my foot slightly when I don't plant it spot-on first time. With the 510's, if I don't get my foot in the right place first time, I have to lift my foot clean off and have another go, which isn't always possible!
  • Pedal wise I’ve got Wellgo mg1’s, carbon cycle exotics and Superstar Nano evo’s. The mg1’s are the lightest but they look the tattiest the quickest as they are painted and it rubs off. By far the lightest of the 3. However with 5-10’s they feel a bit small platform wise.

    The exotics are a better size and are gripper. Stay looking nicer a lot longer as they are anodised. Bearings seem good - mine are still smooth after a year and 3-4 months with no maintenance at all. One of the seals has died but I’m going to keep running and see how long the bearings stay smooth. A rebuild kit is £10 ish so good value.

    The nanos I’ve only had a month or so. Came with long and short pins - I put in the short ones and for grip they edge out the exotics. Liking them so far but can’t comment on longevity of bearings yet. Only pain was they came with no pins installed.
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    Dmr vaults and adidas terrex trailcross, I wear. The adidas shoes are excellent using the stealth sole never slipped off a pedal.

    I’ve just got the terrex trailcross protect boots as the trailcross shoes are so good.

    I’ve also got a pair of five ten vxi impacts, these are great also but get them wet through and you’ll be drying them out for a couple days.

    Did have some shimano shoes before they were great as well soles are harder wearing than the stealth ones.
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    Had Five Ten VXis and Nanos but the shoes only lasted 2 months before the soles had holes in them. Also too much grip for me, if I put my foot in the wrong place it was diffficult to move it - last thing I neeeed when flying down the trails.

    I have Ion Raid Amps & Adidas Terrex which have a harder sole and Saint pedals which have smaller pins, work really well for me.
  • To add to my previous comments my 5-10 freerider elements are great in the dry but get them wet and they do take days to dry out even with shoe warmers in them. I’m sure they’d dry quicker in a boiler cupboard but they aren’t allowed in the house!

    Will try something different next time I buy flat shoes, that look less like a sponge.
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    Thanks for all the replies chaps, now all sorted !

    Went for the Adidas Terrex Cross Trails and some Carbon Cycles Exotic alloy pedals.
    Looking forward to trying them out.

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    09 Canyon Ultimate CF for the Road.
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  • Those pedals should serve you well - really grippy and a bargain price. Let us know how the shoes are!
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    Joebristol wrote:
    Those pedals should serve you well - really grippy and a bargain price. Let us know how the shoes are!
    Will do Joe, got them from went for the Red and Black ones from last year at a good price, got some good stuff on there.
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    09 Canyon Ultimate CF for the Road.
    2011 Carbon Spesh Stumpy FSR.