Bike-discount Dura-Ace crank irritating issue

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Following below comments, I edit the post.
Thanks for your feedback already.

I just had a bad experience with
Placed an order on Sept.-11 for "Shimano Dura Ace FC-R9100 2x11-speed Crank 50/34 170 mm".
The good arrived Thursday Sept.-20 but was damaged (see picture below). I immediately reported the damaged good via email and sent several emails yesterday and today to follow-up. No answers at all.

What should I do?



  • dstev55
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    It's hardly a rip off yet is it? :roll:
  • Goods slightly damaged in transit is hardly a rip off. Send them back with tracking and ask for a refund or replacement. They should also cover your postage costs as it's a faulty/damaged product. These situations happen, no big deal really.
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    Agreed, no rip-off here.

    I've had nothing but good service from them tbh, including when I had to RMA a brand new Reverb due to faulty seals. Had a new one back within 10 days and they covered all postage.

    Anyway, try calling them on +49 2225 88880 or send them a message on Twitter (I don't use it myself, but I know it can be a good way to get a response from a company).
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    Disastrous ? Rip off ?

    Get a grip.

    I'm sure it's going to get worse treatment out on the road. A ding is annoying but you've gone a bit primadonna here.

    Try ringing them or just send it back for your money back.

    Alterntively - dab the spot with a black sharpie and ride on.
  • veronese68
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    I agree with all of the replies, it's a bit irritating but hardly a disaster or a rip off.
    If you can't cope with such a huge disappointment go into a local bricks and mortar shop and buy what you want, that way you can see and examine the goods before parting with your hard earned. Presumably you did a mail order from a website to save some money, that's the chance you take. It normally works but sometimes there are little inconveniences.
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    a sudden accident or a natural catastrophe that causes great damage or loss of life.

    A tiny nick on a new chainset is hardly disastrous.

    Probably quite disappointing if you're wanting cosmetically perfect components and you've just paid a small fortune, but it's not a disaster.

    If it was mine I'd be fitting it and expecting that tiny mark to be joined by a few more in the course of riding about.
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    They have an automatic returns procedure and pay return postage, so just go through that, find one locally, pay more and be happy.
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