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Shimano chainset on a Boardman Team Carbon

pamplemoosepamplemoose Posts: 85
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Ok, I admit it, I don't understand bottom brackets.

I want to fit a new Shimano 105 groupset to my Boardman Team Carbon, but I have no idea how to get a Shimano chainset on this thing. I think the Boardman uses a PF30 bottom bracket. Do I need to get some kind of adapter for this plan to work?


  • Yes. I think there is something called a praxis works converter which allows you to use the shimano chainset on a BB30 frameset.

    Why do you want to change?
  • Why do you want to change?

    I'm buying the 105 as a complete groupset and figured I may as well use the chainset that comes with it. I think to buy the rest of the groupset without the chainset is only about £10 cheaper. If it's going to be an expensive faff to change from the FSA one that's currently installed then I'll just leave it as is and sell the 105 chainset on I guess.
  • Fair enough. Financially, the best value method is to buy complete and sell the chainset if you want, but totally understand if you want to keep it.

    This is the one you need to be thinking about along with some videos. ... to+shimano
  • Just a quick question, I'm assuming you want to replace Tiagra with 105. Why exactly do you want to do it?
    11 speed is a bit nicer than 10 speed but the difference is hardly like night and day.
    Also there isn't much in it when it comes to weight.
    It'll cost a few hundred quid to make the change which could be better spent if you want to improve performance IMO.
  • its no faff at all to change but it will cost you some money.

    to change from pf30 you can simply buy some adapters that push into the existing bottom bracket. The reduce the diameter to Shimanos 24mm and extend the bottom bracket. A simple job no faff at all really. Just remove exisitng chainset, push by hand the adapters in, insert the chainset.

    alternativley you can buy a PF30 to shimano bottom bracket from Wheelsmfring Praxis or Cbear. Wheels are in my experience the easiest and best, Praxis are good too, it depends what your LBS has. Cbear are sexy but very very expensive and no better really than the other two. They are popular with people in London who ride 10k bikes on their morning commute.

    To fit wheels praxis or Cbear you will need to remove the plastic cups that are left behind in the bb after the bearings have been pushed out. For that you need one of A two fingers to pull it out if its loose, B, one of those split style drifts like a headset cup remover.

    If they've been bonded in you will need a big hammer as well. Dont do half measures and fit a bb30 BB into a pf30 cup thats been left in the frame. I have actually seen this believe it or not.

    The advantage of the bottom bracket over just using adapters is that you should get no creak and if you need to change bearings at any point it should be a simple case of punching or pressing out and installing new ones.

    the PF30 outboard for shimano bottom bracket looks like this ... black.html

    adapters look like this ... a-etc.html

    no special tools required for the adapters but the bottom bracket will need a 16spline bottom bracket tool that fits (the older hollowtwch size) and also a bearing press. Slap a bit of grease on and press the drive side in, screw the other side in until its all snug. Simples. Ive used em theyre fab.

    Fitting the cranks requires a shimano preload tool, a 5mm hex key and a torque wrench with a 5 mm hex Tighten to the retaining bolts to 12 - 14nm.

    You will need a stiff drink if you have to censored bonded pf30 cups out of your frame
  • Honestly? Because I just want something newer and shinier. 11 speed will be nice as I can then have the same gear ratios on both my bikes, plus I’m hoping the 105 callipers will be better than the current Tektro ones.

    Fully aware this is an unnecessary upgrade!
  • Cheers Vino. Super useful info :)
  • Honestly? Because I just want something newer and shinier. 11 speed will be nice as I can then have the same gear ratios on both my bikes, plus I’m hoping the 105 callipers will be better than the current Tektro ones.

    Fully aware this is an unnecessary upgrade!

    Fair enough!

    IMO it really is a night and day difference between Tektro brakes and 105 ones, just be careful you don't launch yourself over the handlebars the first time you use them with all the extra stopping power!
  • A wheels manufacturing PF30 to HT 2 converter is superb. ... _94959.htm

    You just knock the old bearings out, this is a 2 piece shell with integrated bearings that sit outside the frame. Screw it together in place of the original, in the frame, and pop the new chainset through, bobs your uncle. I did this exact conversion on my old Boardman Pro Carbon, but I replaced the FSA chainset with a Tiagra, it works brilliantly, and no creaking anymore.
  • svettysvetty Posts: 1,904
    If the existing bearings are smooth I'd not mess with them personally, just use the Wheels Manufacturing (or similar) adaptors. Have you thought about holding off for a few weeks until the new R7000 series 105 groupset is available? This is reportedly considerably better than the 5800. Having the Ultegra R8000 gruppo I can imagine this is the case.
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
  • akhakh Posts: 195
    Personally I found shift quality much better when I replaced the supplied chainset for 105 5800, and I think it looks much better.

    Out of stock, but you could try something like this : ... acket.html

    The advantage is that it takes readily available bearings which you can buy from the guy or any industrial bearing company for cheap.

    Praxis say that they don't warranty the BB if you replace their bearings, the recommend you buy a whole new BB!

    I've used the simple push in cups in the past and they seemed OK, but some people find them too flexible. Guess I either got lucky or I'm too weak to notice.
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